NeMo Remote Monitoring App

Available for iPad and iPhone, NEXO NeMo provides remote control over an NXAMP network from anywhere in the venue, thanks to an intuitive and graphically attractive user interface. NeMo can be downloaded from iTunes for a token charge of $5.

Key Features

  • Visualise the NXAMP network on a 2D map
  • Monitor and control the parameters of one or more devices, including:
    • input levels
    • output levels
    • patching between outputs and inputs
    • output parameters such as volume, gain, delay, array-EQ and headroom
    • device and channel mute and solo
    • setups
    • scenes
  • Save your session and share it with other NeMos and with AVS-Monitor.
  • Record and view the log of many NXAMP’s parameters (voltages, temperatures, levels,…)